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  1. bendee331
    bendee331 Polly
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    bendee331 toni
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    bendee331 Henry Johnson
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    bendee331 Frank
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    bendee331 eileen
  6. bendee331
    bendee331 Philip Nulty
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  7. Cayuga Morning
    Cayuga Morning stratsmom
    Hi Strats!!! Long time no hear! I have been rather quiet on this site as well. How's you garden doing? I have been busy raking and clearing away all the "sins of winter" as well as planting the early stuff in my community garden plot. I planted asparagus last year and I have spears of asparagus emerging now!!! (I am salivating as I write this).

    So how is life with you?
  8. stratsmom
    stratsmom Cayuga Morning
    How in the world are you? I've been absent for a long and missed a whole lot it looks like!
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  9. Ron Butler
    Ron Butler
    Spring is here in the desert, some wildflowers are in bloom
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  10. Aaron81
  11. Clay_22
    Haven't been on in a while. Just ordered seeds.
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  12. Frank
    Pretty mild winter so far.
  13. Cayuga Morning
    Cayuga Morning
    Garden has gone beddie-bye for the winter.
    1. Frank
      Getting a good rest for next year!
      Dec 1, 2016
  14. Cayuga Morning
    Cayuga Morning
    Garden is put to bed for the winter.
  15. Raddang
    Raddang Sydney Smith
    Hi Syd. I have noticed your absence from GS and that you have not posted for 2 months. Is everything OK with you mate. I hope so because I, and I am sure others, have noticed your absence from the forum.
    I hope all is well
    Best wishes
    John (aka Raddang)