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carolyn's Garden

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Latest Update: Photo Added (Nov 17 2014)
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Garden Belongs To: carolyn (visit member's blog)
Location: Ohio (medina county)
Zone: 5b

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Chickens (52 photos)
flower garden (46 photos)
weeds (23 photos)
2014 Gardening (32 photos)
garden preserves (12 photos)
bees and insects (56 photos)
Greenhouse building and growing (145 photos)
asparagus fern division (6 photos)
Winter weather 2014 (19 photos)
Bunnies (18 photos)
dogs (6 photos)
Worm Farm (10 photos)
Farmers Market Garden (108 photos)
winter weather 2012/13 (7 photos)
Fall 2012 (12 photos)
Fall foliage (5 photos)
Farmers Market 2012 (28 photos)
Butterfly garden (15 photos)
birdbath project (15 photos)
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What's Happening in your Garden? "Spring has come and gone and I feel like Summer never really quite got here and here it is Fall already. The first and killing frost of the season came last night. "

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