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  1. sadeghihosein97
    nature is the beauty of the World
  2. xantedeschia
    Knitting my sweater and wondering if my twenty-one-year-old Snake plant might be dying.
  3. xantedeschia
    Knitting a baby blanket.
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  4. sprout22
    Doing awesome today
  5. sprout22
    sprout22 Jewell
    I am from Woodvillage Oregon live close to the gorge
  6. sprout22
    sprout22 stratsmom
    What part of southern Oregon are from? I am from Woodvillage
  7. Cayuga Morning
    Cayuga Morning
    Garden still covered by is a late spring thus far.
  8. AshridgeTrees
    So cold, I cannot bare to think
  9. Goody43
    Goody43 Mrs. Hankshaw
    Hello are you still active here? I joined only to speak to you about plant☺
  10. EJ
    Roll on Spring!
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  11. Frank
    Frank fish_4_all
    Nice to see you again fish_4_all!
    1. fish_4_all
      Thank you, I have been kinda out of sorts for a while so I haven't done much new gardening stuff. The weeds love me for it though.
      Feb 2, 2018
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  12. Frank
    Frank marlingardener
    Nice to see you back MG!
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    2. Frank
      'snit', first time ever hearing that word. Had to look it up!
      Jan 18, 2018
    3. marlingardener
      Frank, "snit" is just a little milder than a "hissy fit", which Texas women pitch frequently (as in "she pitched a hissy over her husband's night out." Neither a snit nor a hissy is lethal. If a Texas woman goes all quiet, that's the time to run!
      Jan 18, 2018
    4. Frank
      So quietness is a calm before a storm, got it :D
      Jan 19, 2018
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  13. AshridgeTrees
    Looking forward to 2018!
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  14. Edlou8181
    Edlou8181 mart
    Hope you had a Happy Thanks Giving.
    The Keets now asleep did great and now fast asleep.
    My Brothers are ok,don't know about my kids as they don't know how to call me.
    Sleep warm
  15. dicking
    dicking Frank
    hi frank i need help from someone out there pls i lost my mum and not know what to do now.know money know brother no sister just all alone in this pls,