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  1. Frank
    Frank stratsmom
    Hi Strats!
  2. Jerry Sullivan
    Jerry Sullivan TheBip
    Welcome back Jen, we have missed you.
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  3. Frank
    Frank TheBip
    Welcome back Bip!
    1. TheBip
      Thanks Frank!
      May 9, 2020
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  4. Luis_pr
    Luis_pr Gummibaron
    Hello, Gummibaron. Are you still regularly logging on Just wondering what happened to the PG Tree with a spongy bark that had issues several years ago? What did you do? This is what you posted (on the Hydrangea Forum) then but no one replied:
  5. Lil Bug
    Lil Bug
    Been gone too long.
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  6. KK Ng
    KK Ng
    Playing with soil blocks!
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  7. xantedeschia
    Knitting a hat for a friend.
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  8. Gail-Steman
    Gail-Steman marlingardener
    Hi Jane, have a lovely relaxing sunday off now to have my dinner early :) X
  9. Gail-Steman
    Gail-Steman eileen
    Good night Eillen :)
  10. Gail-Steman
    Gail-Steman Growingpains
    Hello Growingpains, we've not spoken in a while sorry..i do hope your keeping well. :) xxx
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    2. Growingpains
      Gail, I have been so busy gardening. Plus I haven't been getting emails from Garden stew. I'm not bad for 84. How are you?
      Jul 7, 2020
  11. Shelant
    I can't find where to post anything....
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    2. Growingpains
      Shelant, I'm a long time member and I still find it difficult to navigate.
      The rest of the gang is smarter than I am. I'm sure they will help.
      Aug 21, 2019
  12. Dbernard
    Dbernard toni
    Hi Toni, someone commended on my Plant ID thread saying “Toni will know!” I’m guessing you’re that Toni. Do you mind taking a look? Thank you!
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  13. hummerbum
    @Gail-Steman It's okay....I was off and in the garden!! How are you?
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    2. Gail-Steman
      Still got skin flares going on and sciatica down my right leg, one day it's better and the next painful.
      How have you been and before you answer competitive with the neighbours lol xxx
      May 30, 2019
    3. Growingpains
      Hummer, are the one who did hydroponic gardening? My memory fails me. If not you, who? I'm interested.
      Aug 21, 2019
  14. Gail-Steman
    Gail-Steman hummerbum
    Hi hummerbum I am sorry for missing your birthday mate :) xxx
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  15. sprout22
    Having a sunshine day here in Woodvillage