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  1. Gail-Steman
    Gail-Steman Ronni
    Ronni very nice Christmas Avatar mate ...just love it, your well in the swing :)
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  2. Gail-Steman
    Gail-Steman Frank
    Good night Frank :)
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  3. Gail-Steman
    Gail-Steman Cayuga Morning
    Good night mate..going off line now and thanks for sharing your lovely shots...Gail :)
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  4. Gail-Steman
    Gail-Steman Ronni
    Ronni nice to see you've added one of your lovely pic's as an avatar :)
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  5. Gail-Steman
    Gail-Steman Ronni
    Hello Ronni, I hope your both ok and those pictures was absolutely stunning mate :) x
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  6. Gail-Steman
    Gail-Steman eileen
    G'morning Eileen..have a nice day :)
  7. Gail-Steman
    Gail-Steman eileen
    G'night Eileen :)
  8. Edlou8181
    Edlou8181 toni
    Hi toni just wanted to say Hi and tell you my parakeets are doing fine
    Sleep cool
  9. xantedeschia
    Contemplating crocheting a Granny Square blanket to fill the void left by the completion of my sweater.
  10. Mobil8181
    Mobil8181 Frank
    Frank could you please look into my logon as it doesn't seem to be working correctly
    The user name is Edlou8181.
    Thanks ed
    1. Frank
      Sent you a mail Ed
      Jul 2, 2018
    2. Mobil8181
      Frank its almost 11 AM and so far no email from you could you resend
      Jul 2, 2018
    3. Frank
      Ok Ed, sent again. Check your Hotmail address.
      Jul 2, 2018
  11. sadeghihosein97
    nature is the beauty of the World
  12. xantedeschia
    Knitting my sweater and wondering if my twenty-one-year-old Snake plant might be dying.
  13. xantedeschia
    Knitting a baby blanket.
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  14. sprout22
    Doing awesome today
  15. sprout22
    sprout22 Jewell
    I am from Woodvillage Oregon live close to the gorge
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