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Jerry Sullivan's Garden

Latest Update: 'What's Happening in the Garden?' Updated (Dec 17 2023)
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Garden Belongs To: Jerry Sullivan (visit member's blog)
Location: Massachusetts (Chelmsford)
Zone: 6a

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Spring Emerges 2019 (17 photos)
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Phenology/Baseline Study (2 photos)
Annual IFS 2015 (34 photos)
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Wildlife (87 photos)
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Exploits of the Midnight Muncher (12 photos)
A walk on Wing's Island Cape Cod MA (40 photos)
Far off places (28 photos)
Nuts and Bolts (18 photos)
Rachel Carson NWR (25 photos)
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Disney World 2008 (28 photos)
Annual IFS 2014 (90 photos)
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A Walk in the Desert (80 photos)
Spring Vacation 2013 (12 photos)
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The Blizzard of 2013 (9 photos)
Summer flowers 2012-3 (34 photos)
Summer Flowers 2012-2 (35 photos)
Summer Flowers 2012-1 (36 photos)
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Hancock Shaker Village (80 photos)
Sturbridge Village Early 19th Century (113 photos)
Berkshire Botanical Garden 2010 (46 photos)
Man on fire stunt sequence (10 photos)
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Seven hostas (11 photos)
Summer of 2011 (46 photos)
Winter Project #2 (10 photos)
Winter 2010/11 (19 photos)
60 Ton Behemoth (7 photos)
A visit to the nursery (8 photos)
Winter Project #1 (8 photos)
Trip to Dallas (30 photos)
Holiday Decorations (22 photos)
The Dairy Farm meets Technology, Mooooo! (28 photos)
Mushrooms (9 photos)
Boston Flower Show 2011 (103 photos)
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Plants Added To This Garden
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  Hemerocallis 'Going Bananas'

Hemerocallis 'Sandra Elizabeth'
  Phlox divaricata
(Wild Blue Phlox, Wild Sweet William)

  Sanguinaria canadensis

  Tradescantia virginiana
(Virginia Spiderwort)

  Arisaema triphyllum
(Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Indian Turnip)

  Stachys grandiflora
(Big Betony)

  Senecio macroglossus ‘Variegatus’
(Variegated Natal Ivy, Waxy Ivy)

  Cycas revoluta
(King Sago Palm, Sago Palm)

  Helleborus niger
(Black Hellebore, Christmas Rose)

  Rhododendron 'PJM'
  Chamaedorea elegans
(Neanthe Bella Palm, Parlor Palm, Table Palm)

  Lysimachia clethroides
(Gooseneck Loosestrife)

  Hemerocallis 'Dashing Double'

  Hemerocallis 'Anne Frances Hodgkins'

  Yucca filamentosa
(Adam's Needle)

  Hemerocallis 'Rosy Returns'

  Hemerocallis 'Bear Bryant'

  Hemerocallis 'Catherine Woodbury'

  Hemerocallis 'Arthur Moore'

  Hemerocallis 'Stella de Oro'

  Rhipsalis salicornioides
(Drunkard's Dream, Dancing Bones Cactus, Spice Cactus)

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