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waretrop's Garden

Latest Update: Photo Added (Jul 13 2016)
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Garden Belongs To: waretrop
Location: Pennsylvania

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Garden Tour 2016
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My Home (33 photos)
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Garden Tour (for friends) 2014 (36 photos)
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Bunya bunya Tree (8 photos)
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Butterflies On My Wall (14 photos)
Saintpaulia ionantha (African Violet) (5 photos)
Hosta (10 photos)
rose globes (16 photos)
Willow and Wisteria (17 photos)
mum sale (4 photos)
Aloe (3 photos)
Baby Wild Birds (21 photos)
My Neighbor's Garden On My Land (50 photos)
Up Veggie Garden 2013 (7 photos)
Pond (3 photos)
Parachute (12 photos)
what's cooking (5 photos)
Meal Worms (8 photos)
Feathers (7 photos)
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Anthos photos (2 photos)
My canners (4 photos)
My Daughter (6 photos)
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What's Happening in your Garden? "I have been keeping busy with canning and house cleaning during the week. When my hubby is home we spend as much time as we can together usually taking rides throughout the state."

Plants Added To This Garden
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  Araucaria bidwillii
(Bunya-Bunya Tree, False Monkey Puzzle Tree, Bunya Pine)

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