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eclecticgarden's Garden

Latest Update: Photo Added (Jul 17 2016)
Garden Viewed: 42709 times

Garden Belongs To: eclecticgarden (visit member's blog)
Location: Florida (Marion County)
Zone: 9b
Garden Nickname: "The Eclectic Garden"

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Plants Added To This Garden
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  Gerbera jamesonii
(Gerber Daisy, Barberton Daisy)

Malus sylvestris
(Crab Apple, European Crab Apple)

  Tagetes erecta

  Salvia greggii 'Maraschino'
  Passiflora incarnata
(Maypop, Purple Passionflower)

  Vitex agnus-castus
(Chaste Tree, Texas Lilac)

  Hyacinthus orientalis
(Common Hyacinth, Garden Hyacinth)

  Freesia corymbosa

Helianthus giganteus
  Rosmarinus officinalis

  Ananas comosus

  Rosa 'Radtko'
(Red Double KnockOut Rose)

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