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adam.ca's Garden

Latest Update: Plant Added (Mar 11 2019)
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Garden Belongs To: adam.ca (visit member's blog)
Location: Canada (Montreal)
Zone: 5b
Garden Nickname: "adam's veggies"

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the plan for transforming my back yard.
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What's Happening in your Garden? "buying lights & equipment to setup indoor seedling nursery "

Plants Added To This Garden
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Capsicum annuum 'California Wonder'
  Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum
(Greek Oregano)

  Coriandrum sativum
(Coriander, Cilantro, Chinese Parsley)

  Thymus vulgaris
(Common Thyme)

  Allium schoenoprasum

  Petroselinum crispum

  Pisum sativum var. macrocarpon
(Sugar Snap Peas)

  Solanum lycopersicum 'Early Girl'
(Early Girl Tomato)

Spinacia oleracea
  Allium fistulosum
(Scallions, Spring Onion, Bunching Onion, Green Onion)

  Lactuca sativa 'Oscarde'

  Cucumis sativus

  Brassica oleracea 'Italica Group'

  Phaseolus coccineus
(Scarlet Runner Bean)

  Phaseolus coccineus 'Sunset'
(Runner Bean)

Raphanus sativus

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