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Pianolady's Garden

Latest Update: Photo Added (May 27 2015)
Garden Viewed: 20976 times

Garden Belongs To: Pianolady (visit member's blog)
Location: Iowa
Zone: 5a

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Bearded Iris
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Plants Added To This Garden
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  Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid'
Rudbeckia bicolor
  Clematis 'Miss Bateman'
Rosa 'Red Fairy'
  Lavandula angustifolia
(English lavender)

  Rudbeckia hirta
(Black-Eyed Susan, Gloriosa Daisy)

Iris x hollandica 'Miss Saigon'
Amsonia hubrichtii
(Thread-leaf Blue Star)

  Rosa 'Carefree Wonder'
Rosa 'Garden Party'
  Clematis 'Niobe'
  Rosa 'Hot Cocoa'

Rosa 'Honey Dijon'
  Rosa 'Scentimental'
(Rose, Floribunda Rose)

  Clematis 'Dr. Ruppel'
  Carex buchananii 'Fox Red'
(Fox Red Curly Sedge)

Rosa 'Queen Elizabeth'
  Tradescantia occidentalis
(Prairie Spiderwort)

  Calibrachoa 'Million Bells'
  Colocasia esculenta
(Taro, Coco Yam, Elephant Ear)

  Polemonium caeruleum
(Jacob's Ladder, Greek Valerian)

Heuchera micrantha
(Alum Root)

  Lilium 'Lollypop'
(Asiatic Lily)

Lilium 'Double Sensation'
  Heuchera 'Melting Fire'
(Coral Bells, Alum Root)

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