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glendann's Garden

Latest Update: Photo Added (Feb 28 2013)
Garden Viewed: 69955 times

Garden Belongs To: glendann (visit member's blog)
Location: Texas (Madisonville)
Zone: 8a
Garden Nickname: "glenda's playhouse"

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Plants Added To This Garden
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  Rumex sanguineus
(Bloody Dock, Redvein Dock)

  Trifolium dubium
(Suckling Clover, Low Hop Clover)

  Yucca glauca
(Soapweed, Yucca)

  Senna alata
(Candle Bush, Ringworm Shrub)

Caesalpinia gilliesii
(Bird of Paradise Bush)

  Plumbago auriculata
(Cape Leadwort)

  Salix discolor
(Pussy Willow)

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