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stratsmom's Garden

Latest Update: Comment Added (Feb 09 2016)
Garden Viewed: 62490 times

Garden Belongs To: stratsmom
Location: Oregon (Southern Oregon)
Zone: 6b
Garden Nickname: "Garden of Weedin'"

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Jazzy 7/13/10 (11 photos)
Autumn blossoms (16 photos)
HOSTAS (9 photos)
Peonies (8 photos)
Red Daylilies (15 photos)
Geranium seeds (14 photos)
PINK CHRISTMAS! (3 photos)
Missy Mama (20 photos)
Little Iris (11 photos)
Pink Cactus (4 photos)
Stratton (5 photos)
August yard blossoms (20 photos)
White iris (5 photos)
cupcakes (3 photos)
hollyhock (14 photos)
Purple petunia basket 7/24/10 (4 photos)
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  Ginkgo biloba
(Ginkgo, Maidenhair Tree)

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