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daysmommy's Garden

Latest Update: Photo Added (Jun 03 2011)
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Garden Belongs To: daysmommy (visit member's blog)
Location: Ohio (Williams County)
Zone: 6a

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First Rose bloom
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rose bush
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rose bush (15 photos)
rose of sharon tree (3 photos)
rock area and pond (14 photos)
glads on side of house (13 photos)
front flowers (13 photos)
veggie garden (27 photos)
my son (3 photos)
Mystery plant (6 photos)
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What's Happening in your Garden? "Got all the patch work done that needed it after the heavy rains only to learn it is supposed to rain tonight again. Now it is off to plant at my dads house. "

Plants Added To This Garden
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  Fuchsia hybrida
(Hybrid Fuchsia)

  Dicksonia antarctica
(Tasmanian Tree Fern, Man Fern)

  Narcissus 'Minnow'
(Dwarf Marcissus, Daffodil 'Minnow')

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