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    This summer I have been on a number of excursions close to home. Each time it's been somewhere not visited before. My first camping trip was to Lake Wynochee. It is in the Olympic Forest 3 hours from home.
    My camper is a converted cargo trailer I worked on this spring. It has a small bed is decorated to suit me and has the necessities. Here is a YouTube link if you want to see the interior.

    It was my first attempt at making a video.

    Frank, the rat terrier and little old Max always go with me.
    Max prefers being in the trailer unless I coax him out for a walk.

    Our next trip was a swing all the way around the Olympic Pennisula. This was much too long a trip for the time I allotted. I took only a few photos this entire trip. I passed Crescent Lake. The photo doesn't do it justice.

    We stayed at Sol Duc Campgrounds in the heart of old growth forest. It was awe inspiring at first but with time the darkness of being under such huge ancient trees incouaged me to find a sunnier camping spot.
    I traveled on the next day to Cottonwood Campground on the Hoh River just south of Forks.
    Still temperate rainforest but this campsite was more secluded with more light and a short walk to the river and sand bar. The camping spots were large and spacious and only one nice young couple was even close to where I parked. Frank had a play companion for the afternoon.

    It was still a long drive home and the quick stops at the Pacific beaches left plenty of sand in the SUV.

    On the last trip my sweetie came along. We headed south for a very scenic drive along the Washington state side of the Columbia River before heading into the mountains. At first we were concerned that there might be forest fires in the area we were heading but it was just smoke from Canadian fires. Our campground was it the base of Mt. Adams, though it was hard to see due to the fires to the north.
    Our site was incredibly dusty since it has been so long since our last rains, but we had a relaxing weekend.

    We will both be heading out again soon. We will be camping out at a friends farm in Oregon on the path of the total eclipse to observe it in very good company.
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    Jewell so glad you enjoyed your trip despite all the dust. The scenery is magnificent especially the one of Crescent lake.
    Your converted trailer looks ideal for your breaks and I think Max agrees. :)

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