Acer Palmatum Taylor

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    We wanted an Acer Palmatum Taylor in May last year.

    I rang around all the local garden centres, but none had any.

    So I went on line and eventually found a plant supplier which had one. "You Garden."

    There was an illustration on their web site, I've just gone on there now, they are still showing the same photo.

    The leaves are actually a mixture of pink, white and green.


    What we received for £29.99 plus postage, was this.


    I was none too pleased, so I e-mailed them to say so and they gave me a full refund including postage, the same day I complained.

    It was very lop-sided.

    But as it was now a "free" plant I've percevered with it.

    I gave it a new pot which cost as much, so I expected it to pay me back.

    It didn't do much last year and didn't look too well a month ago, but has recovered.
    It's now "in training," to adopt a more balanced form. The three canes are holding the branches more or less where I want them. In a few months the canes won't be necessary. It doesn't photograph well in bright sunlight wherever I put it.



    The moral of this story, is "Don't stand for it."

    These firms probably don't get that many complaints, so are happy to accept responsibility, as they know the quality of their plants don't always live up to the photos.
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    Wow, the first one is gorgeous! I don't blame you for being upset with what was sent to you!
    You are off to a great start and I'm sure you will get that plant looking great soon :)
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    Good for you for complaining.:smt023 What a disappointment it must have been to get a specimen like that!! However, I have a feeling that in a few years time you'll be showing us a tree that looks as good, if not better, than the web site one. You've already vastly improved it and I look forward to seeing more photographs as time goes on.
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