Almost 2 months of Spooky ruling the roost, so to speak

Discussion in 'Pets' started by toni, Nov 19, 2014.

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    Spooky has been with us for going on two months now and has settled in really well. He has decided that everything he sees is his domain and worthy of his laying on or sitting on and finally that does include our laps.

    He also found the invisible gremlins that apparently moved in about the same time he did and sometimes they lead him on a merry chase through the livingroom and down the hallway. It's a short hallway with no carpet for traction so we often hear the 'thump' when he hits the door to Randy's home office that is always kept closed. The gremlins evidently pass through the closed door and he tries to follow them. Then he comes walking back through the livingroom with an air of "I did that on purpose, now those gremlins know who's the boss around here" then he starts grooming himself.

    He has a favorite toy and his favorite time to play with it is when I am sitting in here at the computer. He sticks his head between the arm of the chair and my leg and 'meeps' at me. His eyes are wide with Playtime excitement and if I ignore him he starts gently nibbling on my elbow. When he starts loosing interest I flip the toy to the other side of the room, he chases it and when he is ready to play again the toy magically appears next to my desk chair again.
    favorite toy ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )

    He is shameless when it comes to belly stratches, plopping himself in front of us or on our laps belly up to let us know what he wants.

    He sometimes wanders through the house in the evening using echo location beeps to find his family, once he knows we are all home, he settles down for a while. It does seem to concern him when our daughter is working late shift and isn't in her room for him to find.

    New domain ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )

    He found the window on his own. I came in one morning and everything on the window sill (including the Amaryllis I had just planted in a jar) was scattered across my garden desk below it and he was sitting between the window and the curtain. We are going to put a deeper shelf on there so he has more room. Yep we are servants of the cat.

    Recently I have realized that I have a collection of Black Cats ....Cat head on a stick, patchwork black cat, a wine bottle that held a horrible tasting Reisling, the wood cut out I found at a thrift store and the cat Gigi from my favorite Miyazaki movie Kiki's Delivery Service I started collecting them several years ago, way before Spooky showed up in our front yard last Spring. Maybe the universe was trying to tell me that I would someday own a real black cat of my very own.
    Collection ( photo / image / picture from toni's Garden )
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    Since ancient times cats have been adored and worshipped in some civilizations. Spooky is obviously a direct descendant of one of these godlike cats and he knows it!! ;) The powers that be have been trying to tell you to expect his presence in your lives by making you choose the cats you've collected. So now you are the proud servants of a deity so serve him well. :D :D
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    Dogs have owners, cats have staff, as you well know!
    Spooky has found a wonderful home for himself, and is making minor adjustments to make it perfect.
    I'm very happy for you and for Spooky. It seems like a perfect match!
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    Sounds like Spooky picked the right home. Belly rubs are one of my little dogs favorite things. She has no shame also when it comes to getting a belly rub. Even when one is sitting of the throne she will come in a flop down in front of you and say---well where is my belly rub. She must realize she has a captive belly scratcher on hand. :stew1:
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  5. Jerry Sullivan

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    Spooky’s home comes complete with live in people. My favorite game with a cat was the shadow on the other side of the door and trying to stay away from the lighting fast paw. Can you say OWWWW!! I grew up with many many scratches and yet, I never learned. Safer is the crinkled paper on the end of a long string paraded through the house. Sounds like Spooky enjoys having you around as much as you enjoy Spooky

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    toni...nice story. We went to a meeting about cats and old dogs put on by the Humane society and they had pictures of shelves and I mean long shelves that went all around the room and up high close to the ceiling. These were all for the cats to have their special place and have loads of fun. Of course it has got to cost a lot of money to do this for your cats and I am not sure how one would go about dusting them, I guess you would have to leave it up to the cat to do

    My cat is enjoying the laser right now...she runs around the room and she sounds like a big dog with all the noise she makes thumping around and running into things...

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