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    For any woodworking jobs around the house or in the garden, I 've always relied on my ancient Black & Decker "Workmate."

    Now this has had a "gammy leg" for at least thirty years. So I either have to use it on the low setting or stick an axle stand under one corner to use it at a more comfortable height, though still not exactly level. I recently tried to get a new leg for it but they aren't available.


    A couple of years ago, a neighbour gave me a work bench.
    it's formed from Dexion type metalwork, all "L" shaped bits of metal that lock together.

    Trawling eBay,I came across this new cast iron vice for twenty-two quid.


    So I ordered one. I decided I could fix it to my bench.

    Not an easy fix as it needed a horizontal surface to bolt it to, normally the underside of a solid wooden bench. Not a half inch thick bit of chipboard.
    But I had a spare piece of the "L" shaped shelf support, so I cut it down to make a 2ft long "L" shaped support that I bolted behind the bit that supports the top And attached the vice to the horizontal part of the "L." It's as solid as a rock..


    The storage below is the sideboard we had in the lounge which got replaced by a new one from Dwell a few years ago, Plus some drawers from one of the filing cabinets in the shed where I keep odds and ends. (the cabinets got "recycled" from my office when I gave up work).


    I've no Idea for what I'm going to use this vice at the moment, but I'm sure it will come in handy.
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    Oh,, Don`t worry !! There will be many uses for that !
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