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    pyrenees orientales
    We experienced our last frost on the 27th of April this year. The month of May was very hot. The mornings started off sunny and by the afternoons boom, boom, boom huge rains every day until about the 10th of June, when we started to get a few drier days. We had a wet summer and I hardly needed to water the gardens. In July, I started a job working 7.5 hours per day on top of my gardens. I finished at the end of September and as a result of not having enough time the weeds grew really well.. I barely had time to harvest the abundant harvests of beans. We started harvesting our tomatoes in mid July and till now they keep on giving in the tomato house. Today we made 15 liters of lecho ( a tomato and pepper sauce ) This is the sixth batch of tomatoes we have sauced. Outdoors, the tomato plants all rotted one after the other. No problem, as I planted loads of brassica and they are doing really well. We had an extreme amount of beans this year. We had a light frost in September but normally frost starts in November.
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    Mate--that was a whirlwind season for you. It is perhaps good that you have the job too. Supplimental monery is always welcome, right?
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    This season is really hot

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