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    I got talked into new curtains for our house.

    These were the old ones throught the house, they are quite thin but of a thermal material and were very effective. (The net curtains are new I got them on line a few weeks ago for several rooms).


    Now that presented a problem as with her disability, there was no way my wife could trapse around material shops looking for something. The nets weren't a problem. So it all had to bbe done on line.
    A case of finding a supplier who could send her some material she liked, from which to choose and then make them up for five rooms
    I found Blinds/Curtains to Go on line which had a huge variety of materials on their website.
    We ordered samples and she chose the ones she wanted. Then it was a case of measuring up and doing the order. It's taken about three weeks.

    Part of our order of curtains arrived yesterday and I put two pairs up. The long ones in the lounge and these in the front room.
    I went for shorter ones in this room as it was impossible to draw the right-hand old long curtains completely back because of the snake pit of wires behind the TV and all those of the three boxes of kit underneath it.


    This could have been a very expensive disaster. However, it's all working out very well. They are of a heavy material and have thermal linings. So far I've got the measurements right I guess with 125,000 positive reviews they would do a good job.

    I've put the hooks in the new long ones for the front bedroom and adjusted the pinch pleating to the correct length. They can't go up yet as I'm waiting for some gliders I've ordered on ebay. But they and the other two pairs of curtains should be here before the week-end so the job will be done.

    Wasting nothing, I used a pair of the old curtains to make covers for my jukeboxes in the tea-house. I was using dust covers, but these curtains which are made of a very effective thermal material, will help keep them warm in the winter. They each have a 60w bulb in the bottom of their cabinets on a timer to keep them as near room temperature as possible, as they don't like cold or damp.


    Just a few tacking stitches to create the shape.

    I can turn my hand to most things.

    They'll be easy to lift off when I want to play them.
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    Now thats a smart thing to do !
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    Dust is the enemy of all; you have that sorted.
    Well done.

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