DIY'ing my future home.**master b/r remodel begins!

Discussion in 'Interior Design' started by Ronni, Sep 28, 2018.

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    Ronni sorry you've not heard off me sooner i'm in a better frame of mind now thank god.

    Ron's just like my hubby studies the job well and it sounds like you both have a lot going on...hows it coming along and nice to see the diagrams of your kitchen layout :like:
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    Lookit! All that bare framing is now an actual room! There are two for each of us....then a small section with just one high rod on which to hang my dresses and gowns etc., double closet rods with a total 17 feet of hanging space, and extra deep shelves over the top rod. It's a small space, but we've designed it and he's built it to take advantage of every single inch!" As it stands right now, it gives me several feet more hanging space than I currently have and WAY more shelf space between the built ins and the shelves over the top rod! He also installed two can lights so that it's brightly lit in there but they're on a dimmer just in case. He put a vent in there too, because one wall of the closet sits on an outside wall so it will get a bit chilly in there in the winter time. Sliding door so that the door swing doesn't take up any needed space.

    This is inside the closet looking out. Middle of the pic is the beginning of one of the built ins. That one will have both shelves and several drawers. That upright to the right is the wall of the second one, which will just be shelves, at my request. Floor to ceiling both of them, to allow for maximum storage....out of season things on the high shelves, daily use stuff at a more comfortable height. We bought a very lightweight two step step stool to keep in the closet for ease of access to the high shelving.
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