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    Do you have a favorite style or theme that you enjoy decorating your home in? What colors and decorative elements do you associate with this style or theme?
    I have always loved Victotrian decor with a touch of country, but I wanted to change that style and the colors associated with it. For years I have seen an overuse of burgundy, rose and mulberry in homes. This color palette had become so predictable in decorating and I wanted to start fresh with an unexpected decorating theme.
    I became interested in colors and decorative elements that werent commonly used. I began collecting and compiling information, paint color chips, fabric swatches and accessories that would allow me to carry through with the specific theme that I had in mind. I knew that I wanted to decorate my home in a unique style.
    I wanted to have a home that allowed for a warm, comfortable Country style where my family and friends would feel welcomed and could relax. I planned on incorporating furniture pieces that I felt had character and charm.
    We remodeled our home in 2002 using new and used elements. Within a year of completing the project I noticed that people were beginnning to recognize this style and it was becoming popular. French Country had become the choice in decorating.
    What is French Country decor? If you were to visit a cottage in rural France, chances are you would find a sunflower or rooster motif, wrought iron pieces, plastered yellow walls, exposed wooden beams on the ceiling and the flooring would be of tile, brick or wood.
    My kitchen is painted a faded sunshine yellow. I added antique looking sunflower pictures that I had been collecting for sometime. I changed out the homes original 1830's cupboards for new-used ones then added beigetone countertops. For the flooring I chose a complimentary peel-n-stick 12x12 tile that looks like tumbled tile. I added accents of wrought iron and scattered roosters, sunflowers and bird houses throughout the room.
    As much as I would love to have authentic French Country furnishing in my home, my budget or lack of doesnt allow for it. Therefore, I have learned to improvise. I have a few ways to help make your home a little more French Country without breaking the bank.
    Place inexpensive wrought iron pieces throughout your home. You can easily change the look of an existing piece by spray painting it. The illusion of texture can be added by sponging on acrylic craft paint.
    Paint in true French Country hues like mustard, rusty red, celadon, cornflower blue, and lavender.
    Use a faux paint finish on the walls to create the look of time worn plaster as seen in French villas. Another option would be to prime the walls. While still wet apply crumpled white tissue paper. Varying dimension is created by the amount of crinkles in the paper. After it had dried paint the walls your desired color. An antique look can be acheived by rubbing on a glaze or diluted colorwash.
    Use roosters, sunflowers, grapes or olive themed accessories.
    Whitewash pieces of furniture that you already have. Age the finish by apply an umber or mocha glaze.
    Add shutters or bi-fold doors to an open front bookcase. Top it off with recycled crown molding. Paint the piece out to make it look uniform.
    Remove the inside panels from a couple of the upper cabinet doors with a skillsaw. Attach chicken wire to the backside of the door using a staple gun, then replace the cabinet door.
    Remove a couple of the upper cabinet doors to allow you to display your favorite dishes or pottery. Paint the inside back panel a coordinating color to blend in with the rooms overall color scheme, or add a complimentary fabric or paper to the back panel.
    Create a unique backsplach with household caulk and a fleur-de-lis stencil. Mix acrylic paint in with the caulk then apply it over the stencil with a spatula or putty knife. You can create varied dimension depending on the amount of caulk that you use.
    Paint the kitchen cabinets white or cream then glaze over them with an umber or mocha brown. These combined colors give the cabinets a rich aged look opposed to a plain white paint.
    Remember that you dont have to decorate by the book. Each person may interpret a style differently than someone else. That is the reason tha I enjoy decorating in a Country style. It is forgiving and it allows you to add the unexpected to the room giving it your personal signature.
    I hope that you find some if the suggestions useful in helping you to achieve a French Country themed home. The possibilitieas are endless. Be creative and above all have fun doing it!!

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