IOT things and how to name them?

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    So I forsee a first world problem as I have sorted and organized my batteries and their associated tools and chargers to eventually turn off on command so the transformers are not energized for the majority of time they are not used. I have paslode nail gun batteries, ryobi batteries in multiples, li-ion small cell chargers, 48v Echo, 12v car trickle and maintainers and various flashlights, etc. Some, like the paslode (Pass Load?) cordless nailgun, I really do not use often if even annually. Phonetically the word Ryobi cannot possible be spelled correctly by Alexa or Google can it? Don't you think voice recognition would be better naming it "RYE O B"? But that is odd when you start seeing a large number of wifi devices on your software. The Echo products are no problem I think but "Paslode" seems twitchy. Obviously if the speaker spells the word its akin to mis-typed a passwor. Have you guys sorted any of this out yet or should I just name it Fred and be done? Thinking about the wife here too folks. She is a woman who drills.

    I have a plug called "The Bomb" because I thought the first one really was "The Bomb". This one light downstairs way across the room. Then one day we had company....gotta have some care out there in what we say.

    Now there are 18 on 3 multi plug strips and 15 or so loose ones scattered about. All the Christmas lights are in a named group\room called Candles. I went back and named the multiplugs A, B, C so they are 1A or 3C etc individually controlled. The loose plugs are all X1, X2, X3 and so on. It helps when you move then not to have them called TV or something else. Anyway the point is this thing is headed toward the dewey decimal system like a library so I wondered if anybody has a neater framework because now phonetics and machine spelling are entering the picture.
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    We have Alexa Amazon smart speakers, we wake her up saying Computer, smart plugs and light bulbs. They're all called the room that they're in. Got all the Christmas lights on smart plugs and hubby has done a routine so they come on at a time set. Or can switch them on and off with voice command, saying turn Christmas lights on or off. At first i didn't like the smart bulbs because can just use my fingers to do it, but it's easy when getting into bed, just say goodnight and she answers then the light slowly goes off.
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