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    July 14, 2017 229 (2).jpg Sorry I haven't been here, we are busy with watching all the things happening on our new home. Next week we will be shopping for all of the fans for the house and all of the hanging lights for the new home. We have our home up for sale (only a week now) and hoping to find the perfect owner. I posted a question in the gardening forum about taking out my large flower bed to help the house sell. I would appreciate your opinion there. I am thinking a new buyer might be overwhelmed with such a big flower bed. I would leave the ones around the house.
    We have picked out our cupboards and things and at the end of Sept. we are moving in. If they have things to do yet, that is fine. We can work around them. Here is the back of the house and they have to put some poles in around the back porch. Of course it has to be leveled out, but we will be high because you have to build now out of the flood zone. Plus we will save a lot of money on insurance when we are out of the flood zone.
    ....it is fun having people come and check out what is going on through the process. We are so excited about the move and can't wait to move.
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    Sherry, leave the big bed. If the new owners feel overwhelmed, they can down-size it or remove it. I think it would be a selling point, as well as giving your old home even more "curb appeal."
    Your new lake home is certainly taking shape--you will love it there!
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    Things are really moving now with your new home. What a lovely spot it's situated in.
    I would do as Jane suggests and leave the flower bed where it is. You may find that the next people will appreciate an established garden rather than having to do all the work themselves.
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    Sherry I agree with the others about your beautiful garden bed, I think it is lovely, but if you are bound & determined to eliminate it, then I would just reshape it instead. Reduce the size so you can see more clearance between it and the house ftom the road.

    Your new home is shaping up well!!
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    That is such an impressive-looking place, Sherry. No llama's there, I'll bet.

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