Mysterious ways of government

Discussion in 'The Village Square' started by marlingardener, Feb 21, 2020.

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    We went to early primary voting today. Two and a half long pages of candidates and propositions. The propositions were heavily weighted to categories no one could vote against. Who would vote against "everyone deserves a good education." I suppose those who haven't received a good education might.
    Then when we got home, my husband had received a jury summons notice. There was a fairly extensive quiz to answer and either mail in or drop off at the courthouse (which is under renovation and closed, so you have to drive a couple of miles to the annex). One exemption is for age over 70. Then the questionnaire asked if this was a temporary or permanent exemption. Since there is little likelihood of him getting younger next birthday, he checked "permanent". Perhaps the person who designed the jury duty questionnaire hadn't received a good education.
    Government can be so entertaining!
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    Ohhhhhhh geez - I'd want that exemption if I could get younger......
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    It entertains me that those who benefit from a paycheck from the treasury control the bias of details of even the verbage of a ballot in a ultimately unethical attempt to retain power from the voters. It should be nullified upon the prima facia evidence of bias or at least upon the evidence of arrogance so demonstrated by those paid by the treasury
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