Orangutan in the wild treats own wound with medicinal plant to heal his own injury.

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    All mammals are actually very intelligent, especially primates and ocean mammals. So this here is proof of exactly that!

    Actually in my opinion bovines and canines are extremely smart too, as well as wise, perhaps even more wise then us at times (believe it or not).

    We just stupidly assume that they are not. Which I think is being very naive on our part.

    Anyone who has ever kept a pet Dog will of course agree with me. And anyone who has had a pet cat (feline) will also agree that sometimes your pet looks down at you with pity, as they feel sorry for you, because they see us as inferior to them in many ways...

    I remember seeing a female donkey (equine) with her young offspring by her side crossing a street. She stopped, looked both ways, and when it was completely safe she crossed the road.

    Just a little later I saw a drug addict person (homosapien) crossing the same road, and almost getting hit by a car.

    So I was left wondering, why do we use the word "donkey" as an insult to hurl at each other - Because clearly in this instance, it was the human who was behaving in a very stupid and stubbornly fashion...

    I am now also reminded of the many stories and legends of King Solomon. Who in the Islamic holy book, the Quran, is mentioned as a prophet - But since this will now turn into a religious discussion, (not permitted by the group rules), so I'll stop here.

    However I will at least state, that never let it be said that animals are stupid... It is us who are dimwitted, to assume that they are, (which is why our pet Dogs are often seen laughing at us, while our cats look down at us with pity).
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