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    Hello Everyone- My husband and I have moved into a lovely new apartment with hopes of making a garden grow.. The only spot is near a tree stump... That someone decieded to take down the tree, but leave a horrid stump. We intend on cutting down the stump- and then planting and mulching, but the area is covered in roots, about two inches under the top soil. We do not have the resouces to pull of the whole stump, and are not sure what would happen even if we did. I need some ideas about how to start planting- or a tool that would help me really break up the weeds so that I can get my plants in. -Erica
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    Hi there, Root - I'm sorry no one has responded before now... probably don't know what to do either.

    I had a similar situation in the past where the only area for a flower bed had previously been a big juniper hedge and the ground was so filled with roots it was ridiculous. What I did was just "go up" - I added a small surround of cottage stone and filled it with planting mix, then planted my flowers and herbs in this raised bed. It looked very nice when it was done and I never had troubles with it.

    If cottage stone is too large or heavy, experiment with some of that plastic border-in-a-roll that they have at the stores, or with wood. You might be able to get enough depth with that to hold in the dirt at the edges.

    The other option would be to round-up all the weeds, 'cut holes in the roots' with a hefty tool of some kind and use those spots like in-ground planters. Once you had your holes, lay landscaping fabric and cut notches where your plants will go through it, then cover the whole thing with a layer of mulch/barkdust.

    Good luck!

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