Should I be worried about my Clematis Armandii - Apple blossom

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    Hi there,

    A while ago I planted two of them next to each other. One of them is now growing much faster than the other one (twice as tall). I have also noticed the other one (shorter one) also kind of stopped growing while the taller one keeps getting taller.

    Now today I noticed two things:
    -On one of the stem/branch, it became brown and something started growing on it or something (I don't really know what it is and hope someone can help me with this). Some leaves from the closest branches near. This stem also started to get some light brown spots etc. (Sorry if it sounds confusing) I did cut this part since I wasn't sure whether it would harm the plant.
    -Also one left near the bottom also suddenly got a cut, that wasn't there a couple of days ago.

    I wonder whether anyone can tell me what is happening and or whether I should be worried about it? or any advice on what to do?

    It does get enough water for sure and the leaves are green, but just not quite sure why it suddenly stopped growing and what I can do about it.

    I am looking forward hearing from you and thank you in advance :)

    Kind regards,

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