Small clase automatic irrigation?

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    Hi all,

    I have some plants for which I like to do automatic small scale irrigation. This pretty much just concerns a single (potted) plant at a time with a hose next to it. Given that I already have most of the materials for it, I wish to do this with a microcontroller (Raspberry Pi 3) which periodically releases a set amount of water from the hose (time and amount to be adjusted manually later in the plant's lifespan, although not as necessary as I only plan to use this for their early stages).
    I am just lost on what control mechanism to use. I've seen very similar projects online, but none seem to go into detail why a certain valve would be suited for the job. I was wondering if someone here has more experience in this field and could point me to some specifications that this valve should adhere to.

    Many thanks
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    Hi @Chloroplast1837 welcome to the forum nice to have you with us:)

    Sorry but i wouldn't have a clue how to set something like this up but maybe this video might help in some way.


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