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Discussion in 'Houseplants' started by carolyn, Jan 20, 2017.

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    A while ago I received clivia seeds and clivia plants in the mail from some wonderful stewbies. quite a while ago. there was one pup or whatever it is called in this pot when I planted it up. it has now flowered several times and I even started a couple seeds from it already 100_2572.JPG
    and it has three more flower stems just popping out of the center of each clump. a bit blurry and covered in water spots but it is there.
    and the seed pods. you can see the whit gunk in the senter of the stem... that was mealy bug. clivias seem to really attract them. yuck! anybody want some seeds? will send them.
    and this is one from Cayuga Morning.... I started from seed. it has really wide and blunt tipped leaves. much different than the one Barb sent me. I am eager to see what color it is since this is the first time it has flowered. 100_2578.JPG
    and the amarylis that had 6 flower stalks on it... I had to move it and all the leaves have now since died back and new tips are coming from the bulbs now, but this is huge for a bulb. I just wanted to share the massive size of it. it is hard to appreciate in a photo, but it is at least 6" across. with numerous side bulbs now forming it should be really impressive this year.
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    Those Clivia seeds are huge! Now I can't wait to see what colour your next one blooms in :sete_056:Terrifically healthy and mighty fine plants there!
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    I've never grown one, always wanted to, and they do look like gorgeous fascinating plants. The blooms are phenomenal :) :)

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