Thor and Loki

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    Since I was last here in 2017, we got 2 new kitties. The bf had his Aylin and Tiger, and I had BJ, but one day we decided to go driving around, looking at kitties for adoption. We ended up at the Humane Society next county over, where they had two 10 week old ginger boys, and we fell in love. They are too adorable. Thor is a mini chonk. He loves treats, catnip, chicken, and fish. He knows how to open the desk drawer where his toys are to pick one out to play with, but he hasn't quite learned how to close it when he's done.
    Loki is squirrely. He doesn't really like being picked up, but he loves being brushed. He has a very squeaky mew. He doesn't do treats or react to catnip, but he loves lunchmeat. He loves Tiger, and always wants to hang around him, though Tiger isn't crazy about it.

    Thor (left) is a Classic or Marble tabby, Loki (right) is a Mackerel tabby

    Thor says "why you interrupt my bath, hooman?" (1).jpg

    Aylin and Tiger are mother and son, but Tiger is twice his mom's size :D
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    They look so sweet !

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