What a busy Sunday!

Discussion in 'Interior Design' started by EJ, Feb 27, 2006.

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    Jan 10, 2006
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    For a long time now, my darling and I have talked about swapping number one sons bedroom, the box room, over to our study, a larger double room. Well, enough was enough...I am very impatient you see, and over the last few days I have steadily emptied the study and his room into our room, which has been hell, clambering over books and toys just to get into bed, and today I painted his 'new' room, whilst my darling reassembled the computers in the new study.

    Number one sons room is now 'Buzz Lightyear Blue' and he is very very proud. To have so much space, he seems quite lost! I am hoping to get him so big posters for his walls, as they seem so big and bare.

    Now of course number one daughter would like her room done, and she would like pink and lilac! At last, a girly room. I do love decorating. :D
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    Oh same here EJ!!!! :D Now you've got me thinking. :idea: I could re-do our bedroom!!!
    I think I've tackled every other room in the house already. Once it's done I could always
    attempt the upper hall and staircase or maybe the garden shed or................. ;) ;)
    Would love to see a piccie of the Buzz Lightyear room. :smt026 :smt026
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    I know the feeling EJ.
    Re-doing our bedroom is the plan for this year, removing the sliding glass door that goes from the kitchen to the back room to be replaced by a wall and regular door and replacing the bathtub with a shower stall. I am not touching daughters room until she moves out and it looks like I have a few years to wait for that.

    We have the livingroom to our liking and the side room since our insurance paid for a total re-do after the kid across the street tried to make a drive thru out of it.

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