What tree is this?

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    What decorative tree is this? It grows well in the shadow of other trees. Direct sunlight for long periods bleaches it into a yellowish white, and the leaves don't even grow very big, (sometimes all the leaves get burned and fall off if it's too bright).

    It's used as a decorative tree in shopping malls and other places that have artificial lights. Or in areas of the garden which doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight.

    I think it is propagated by by cuttings. It's always lightest green in color when compared to other shades of green in the garden.

    Anyway after the heavy downpour, this tree is now growing like crazy. I wish I knew what it's actual botanical name is - Plant nursery people over here often give plants a different name, (their way of misdirection, so that you don't find out where they got it from, and how cheaply)...

    I like it because it's share of green is very pleasing to the eye. It can be very fast growing too, if it gets plenty of water and fertilizer. But it's a very delicate soft wood tree, (so strong winds can easily damage it).

    Usually they are in large containers, so they are no taller then 10 feet. But I have seen some as tall as 20 feet also, which were planted in the ground and were very well looked after.

    IMG_20200715_081529_copy_1620x2517.jpg IMG_20200715_081821_copy_1620x2880.jpg IMG_20200715_081730_copy_1620x2880.jpg IMG_20200715_081118_copy_1620x2107.jpg

    Here is an example of them growing in containers outside a shop.

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    I have no clue ! Neat looking tree though !
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