Help! Blossom end rot.

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    Thanks to the internet, I was quickly able to diagnose my tomato problem as blossom end rot. However, most of what I saw on my google search was advice on how to PREVENT it. I need advice on how to stop it mid-season.
    Thanks in advance
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    Blossom end rot is caused by the plants inability to take up Calcium....or there isn't enough Calcium in your soil. For now you can get a Calcium solution made for blossom end rot, follow the label directions.
    Overwatering, inconsistent watering, over fertilizing will cause the problem too as that prevents the plant from being able to take up the Calcium that is in the soil.
    Pick the toms you have that are affected, add some calcium to the soil and you should be able to get a good crop this season as long as the plant is healthy.
    Bone meal, lime, cleaned/dried/crushed egg shells will all add Calcium to the soil.

    Also, before planting next year have your soil tested and amend with whatever is missing.
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