Starting geraniums from seed--Carolyn or anyone with ideas?

Discussion in 'Seed Starting / Propagation' started by marlingardener, Jan 9, 2017.

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    Last year I bought three little geraniums at a feed store, put them in containers where they thrived, and I fell in love. I'd like to order geranium seeds and start my own to grow and to share.
    However, I have no idea how hard it is to do this, how long it takes to get geraniums of a size to put outside in containers, and what type of soil to use and when and how often to fertilize. I've looked for information on various sites and it's completely confusing and sometimes opposite.
    Can anyone who has started geraniums from seed give me some guidance?
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    Jane, Geraniums are actually quite easy to germinate and grow. it just takes time. I started my seeds in December on heat mats. They are now at the 1 leaf stage. From germination to flowering is about 14 - 16 weeks. But that is my frame for a potted plant. growing them in the ground might yield an earlier bloom, but I doubt it. They need a decent # of quality daylight hours to set a bud. just be patient, but they are pretty hardy once you get them established. You get more sunlight than here also which might be in your favor, too. I have had them germinate without heat mats, too, but those were volunteer seeds and I don't take a chance on purchased seeds. If you have any that pollinate and go to seed save the seeds and regrow those. I did that for a crop last year and I couldn't tell the difference between purchased seeds and saved seeds. hope you have a raving success with them. Any fertilizer will be fine. osmoscote is an excellent pot fertilizer though. it is time release and you can just water and forget, no worries over "did I fertilize these lately or when DID I last fertilize them"? in the ground... just side dress them with compost.
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