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Category: Our fine feathered friends | Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:28 am

Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a 6 year old peach faced lovebird called 'Panama' by my mate. I keep trying to tell her that I don't care for that name, but she doesn't get my drift. She does call me 'Panni' which I much prefer, so that's alright. My mate is a bit slow on the uptake, but more about that later. She can't help it.

I started life as a wee chick, living with a fellow who would take me to work in his pocket. I loved his pocket. It was warm & cosy in there and I could peer out from its safety. Those were my formative years before I became the substantial bird that I am now. I have had other homes and I have had a true mate but those are days gone past and I don't like to talk about them.

On with my narrative and my current dilemma. Allow me to describe myself, because it bears on the dilemma. I am quite a handsome devil. I have bright green feathers (two tones of green) with blue feathers on my tail. My face is the requisite peach. Oh I am a beauty! I preen myself everyday. I eat a healthy diet. I exercise regularly. But, my mate is something else again. As I said, she is unfortunately a bit daft. She is a likeable sort and I can tell she tries. She plies me with treats (I especially like the baby carrots she gives me). And she talks and whistles to me in her fashion. We have good conversations, (although I don't understand a word she says). I ride around on her shoulder in the mornings. We do get up to some interesting things.

But, try as I might with her, she doesn't get me very well. Oh she will chirp back at me (in her fashion) and she will nod her head in the (less than) proper way, but when I try to feed her, she turns away! Honestly! I have tried and tried. I have offered her my very best regurgitated food and, yes, she turns away! I sit on her shoulder, I lean towards her beak. I am so close I can feel her body heat and she can feel mine. Isn't that enough of an aphrodisiac? My beak touches her beak (or whatever hers is called, it looks a bit different from mine). Between you and me, I think she was not properly socialized. She probably was not fed well as a chick and this is the result.

I have put up with this for a l-o-n-g time, but heaven must have heard my pleas because a week ago another possible mate has arrived. YES! My mate has competition now. I don't want to hurt her feelings, but this other girl understands me! And today, she accepted my food!!! (Ha! Base one accomplished! I do have the touch!)

But I do care for my mate. I am not really so fickle as to just jump ship with the first beckoning of a lady feather. But....this new lovebird is a beauty too. She preens herself and chirps with me. We can have true conversations. She responds to my body heat. She tells me her name is Peachie. Such a respectable name! But, I care for my old mate. I do not want to hurt her. I am torn...I keep flying back and forth from her to Peachie. Sigh. What is a poor guy to do?

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