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Posted: 05 Apr 2009
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So close
Posted: 28 Aug 2008
New Plants
Posted: 18 Jul 2008
Briar's Art
Posted: 18 Jul 2008

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So close

Category: Just me, myself and I | Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 3:27 am

Well everyone I'm so close to having my yard and house just the way I want it. We just got new carpeting throughout the whole house. And in preparation for the carpet I got the hall and living room painted. It looks like a new house. I chose satin paint for them and have decided I like it so much better than flat paint which is in all the other rooms, so one day I will repaint other rooms with satin paint in the same color they are now. I know, I know it seems silly, but with little kids and a husband the walls get touched. Don't ask me how, I don't ever remember going through the house touching walls and stuff. Flat Paint just isn't as scrubable as satin.
As fro the back yard all the plants are in for the majority of theyard and we had a week of good rain so they are doing well. I bought two soaker hoses and wove them around the new plantings to help conserve water and make it less time consuming. All I have to do now is wait for them to grow. I still need to plant behind the deck but that will be next year.
I have to tell you in my last blog entry I posted a pic of my butterfly bush, which was doing fabulous. It has since had half of it die. It was finally starting to take a nice shape, but I think my DH watered it too much. It would droop in the hot Alabama sun, so he would water it every day, and the soil has alot of clay. So by the time I realized what was happening it was to late. I hope it will come back.
I'll post pics soon. I hope

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Briar's Art

Category: Just me, myself and I | Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 8:49 pm

Hi Everybody,
I'm writing about something totally unrelated to plants right now. My oldest daughter, Briar, just finished taking a Visual Art Workshop through out local rec dept. We live in Auburn, AL home of the Auburn Tigers, War Eagle. Needles to say we get very good teachers for the rec Dept.
The following pictures are ones my daughter completed over the last week.
She loves to draw and create so when I sined her up for this class I hoped she would learn about different types of art and broaden her horizons, needless to say what she produced blew my mind. I am so proud of her, and I wanted to share it with you. You have been such a support with my gardening I wanted to share a bit of my life outside the garden.
Aboriginal Art Inspired Painting

Weaving Art

Weaving Art

Primary Colors Paper Cityscape Collage

Landscape Inspired by Impressionist Painting


MIxed Media Letter stamp

Abstract tree

Primary Colors Torn Pater Collage

Thanks for viewing.

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Christmas Was great

Category: Just me, myself and I | Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 2:35 am

As I have mentioned several times, and am sure to mention several more times. I am newly married and this was my second Christmas with my husband, first as an actual married couple. We had a wonderful day together , and look forward to many more to come. My girls were with us this year, i share custody with my ex-husband, who is a wonderful man, and father. And I had my parents and my step children over for dinner, even though it is weird to call them that when they are as old as they are. My husband is 17 years my senior (i am 29) so my "step kids" are 16 and 22. lol
It was great to have Christmas dinner in my own house. Maybe one day if you guys like i will show you all the work we have done on the house, in between telling you about my gardening projects. I invited my mother-in-law to join the stew so maybe you will get to meet her soon, she is a wonderful person. So i hope my New Years goes as well as my Christmas.
See you in the new year.

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