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Posted: 21 Oct 2013
Fall Clean up
Posted: 10 Oct 2013
A Spring And Summer Lost
Posted: 24 Sep 2011
Gardens and kids
Posted: 16 Apr 2011
A Day Of Clean up
Posted: 03 Mar 2011

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I worked the day away

Category: my country garden | Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 12:58 am

Good evening everyone, I been out all day today pulling up the tomatoes and all the veggies out of the ground, thats really a job, it took me most of the day, After that I worked on some flower bulbs getting them up, now I can't wait til next spring to plant them all over again, oh my Gosh what will I do all winter ? I am making a sphere out of a bowling ball to set out next spring, Putting different color half marbles on it.It's kind of neat looking when the sun hits it,I have been working on it at night for the last 3 nights it's a little time consuming, it just cost a dollar for the bowling ball and 2.50 for the marbles so pretty cheap to do, well I was just sitting here on the bed resting and thought I would say hi, so guess I will take a shower and relax awhile. Good night every one

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Fall Clean up

Category: my country garden | Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:41 pm

Well it's that time of the year again, Time to dig up bulbs and plant things for next year, I have been out and digging up my bulbs, and thats no little task, you dig them up bring them in the house let them dry out find a place to put them, When your hubby takes over your flower room it's kind of hard to find a place for a million bulbs and seeds,of course he says oh just put them any where but you can't do that,I want to change things around next spring, and make me a sedum and hen and chick garden, I am really excited about that, I want to put a bunch of rocks in the bed so it doesn't look so plain, I have an old pond thats not to big I want to use for a raised bed and put flowers on top of it and put big rocks around it, I just been thinking on it, I don't know the best way to use it, I just know I want to, Crazy HUH!! So many of you have sent me seeds and things I can't wait til next spring to start them, I dread going through the winter months, I will probably over winter some seeds and hopefully they come up in spring, I am in the process of finding something to put in the back pof my shade garden, everything is toward the front, and it seams that everything in the front is big and tall where it should be in the back instead of the front, I thought hosta done good in the shade but mine hasn't grown hardly any at all in the last couple of years, I got those in the back of the bed, and in the middle. Will elephant ears do good in all shade I wonder? Well Gotta go back to digging and and playing in the dirt I have alot of work still to do ,I just hate the color being all gone. Well I was taking a rest and thought I would say Hello and tell you all what I been doing, every one have a good day Margie

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A Spring And Summer Lost

Category: my country garden | Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 8:09 pm

Hello everyone,I haven't been able to be on here hardly at all this spring and summer, and I have missed it so bad, I love all the help and trades everyone has done with me, But this summer has been the worst I ever had, I love my grand kids more than anything in the world, but they have taken over They won't listen they have no respect, and my son lives here and he just got divorced, so he wants to be friends instead of dad, I try to tell him he can't do it that way but he don't listen either, Well at least he got a job so maybe next year will be better, He says I'm to strict and won't let the kids come out any more, so know I guess I'm the bad Mamaw, I am at wits end,I really have missed you all a lot, So I plan to try and trade seeds and things now,And hopefully try and have a better fall and holidays, My flowers and garden have been my peace ,But this summer I can't even get peace there, But this summer I'm just so depressed I don't know what to do,I shouldn't let all this bother me but, I think I have lost the last little bit of sense I had left,Thank you all for listening, and it's good to be back to my friends.


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Gardens and kids

Category: my country garden | Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:29 pm

Years are pretty good and then all of a sudden your 38 year old son moves in, oh and then your two grandsons move in, 13 and 12, and then all hell breaks loose you think all this happened in just a blink of an eye and there goes you peace and quite. So then you think ok I will have some help at least, Oh no forget that, I love my grand kids more than anything but I dont like the attitude the laziness and know help in the garden. I love this time of year but it's went to pot. The last 6 months have been over the top! Grand kids use to help around the house or they got their bottom spanked. What happened to that? I'm sorry I'm in depression I can't seem to break. What do I do I love them so but I'm not use to all the poopy going on. I know this isn't about the normal garden stuff but Im now offically nuts. If you need to move my blog I will understand.
Thank you Margie

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A Day Of Clean up

Category: my country garden | Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 1:21 am

Well today I worked hard out in the gardens raked most of the leaves in all the gardens, and straightend out all the little junky things, I painted my old iron table and chairs, moved some rocks around because im trying a rock garden in the front of my deck.I will be sore in the morning being lazy all winter long, I feel better when I'm doing things though, It keeps my mind occupied, And I'm getting things done, I will be glad when it's time to put all my seedlings in the ground,and take out all these big flowers I brought in last fall go out, I will have a lot bigger house when that happens, LOL I love rocks I went out in the woods this morning and collected a bunch of different shapes and sizes, I like the brown looking ones for some reason.Wayne and my son cut down 4 trees today and cut them up,This # 1 pic. is going to have a garden in front of it this spring I can't wait. And #2 pic. is another shade garden hopefully,Well I already had it but I hope to make it completely different it will be full of color and rocks!! A complete redo Well I have to go you all have a great night.


This is behind my shade garden ( photo / image / picture from margie12u's Garden )

Starting My Shade Garden For 2010 ( photo / image / picture from margie12u's Garden )

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Fall Blahs !!

Category: my country garden | Posted: Sun Sep 26, 2010 10:28 pm

Hello everybody, Well it's been awhile. I've been out gathering seeds and a few bulbs today, It's been a long couple of weeks my sister was put on a vetilater to make her breath, She was in such bad shape for awhile she is better now thank God and thank all of you for all your prayers. Well the veggie garden is about gone and the flowers are looking a little dull, But my giant canna's are still big and colorful,I hate to see old winter coming, I am trying to get things together to do all winter to keep me busy I can't stand to just sit around and do nothing, I get bored real easy,I got some old windows to do something crafty with and some flower pots to paint and decorate,I'm sure I will find other things.I do a lot of sewing and crafty stuff.I also been taking a lot of Pics. to.I have a couple more shutters I painted to do something with.I think I'm going to put flower pots on the bottom of them and put them in the garden next spring. These are the shutters Do you think flower pots will look funny at the bottom for the garden? Well guess i have talked enough so bye for now .


My Goodwill flower pot ( photo / image / picture from margie12u's Garden )

( photo / image / picture from margie12u's Garden )

My little garden squirrel ( photo / image / picture from margie12u's Garden )

( photo / image / picture from margie12u's Garden )

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Category: my country garden | Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:37 pm

Well we finally got rain last night,It came down so hard you couldn't even see out the window,I was so glad everything was looking so drab even with the watering I was giving them, This morning everything looks bright and refreshed.It's supposed to rain again this after noon it has been like 17 days without rain so you know the flowers just loved it,I complain when it's hot I complain when it's cold there is just no satisfying me,I like it when it's about 75 or 80, Ole winter will here up on us soon I know I don't like that, It's so dull and Yucky.Oh well then we can spend the time dividing seeds and looking forward to next spring,What were going to do and were we are going to put things, Well I better go fix lunch , Talk to you all later.

Good Day Margie

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Trying to beat the heat

Category: my country garden | Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:52 pm

Well it's about 101 degrees today And has been in the high 90's every day, It's just miserable, You can't go out and enjoy the garden because it's so hot , I just been going out and watering in the mornings, Everything seems to be doing ok which is very surprising,We do have some pine trees that we planted a couple of years ago that are dying off on us, I have some Astibles I probably need to move because they are right in the sun they are kind of drying out so I guess I will put them in the shade garden, Hopefully they will do better,Guess I will wait until next month to move them. I sure wish it would cool off a little, where we could enjoy being out and playing in the dirt, Can't even enjoy being dirty, That's no fun. Oh well guess I will go fix the hubby some supper.Bye for now talk at you next time.

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Hot Summer Evening

Category: my country garden | Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:26 pm

Hello Everyone, Well today I have been gathering some seeds, and I moved a couple of elephant ears,I thought they would do ok in partial shade ,But the sun really does them in, I had them at the edge of my shade garden.I hate to start gathering seeds because that means winters not that far of,I have really enjoyed my gardens this year, I done all of them different this year and loved it,Who knows for next year no telling what I might try.We have 3 acres let the imagination go wild Unless my hubby has to mow around it.I think I like my island garden by the driveway it is my favorite this year, Last year I had it going long ways and this year I turned it around sideways and made it bigger and planted more perennials than annuals,I loved my cannas , I have never grown them so this year they were a treat,And they got so big just from the bulbs I bought,I didn't know they would grow so much in one summer.I'm going to have to move them around next year because of their size, I put a couple of them to close, I love the red looking ones.Well i have talked every ones ear of so I better go back outside for a little bit, Happy Gardening to every body.

Good Night

Other side of deck flowers ( photo / image / picture from margie12u's Garden )

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Took the day off

Category: my country garden | Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:49 pm

I took the day off today, I wanted to clean up some things up and clean cabinets and closets which I haven't done in a long time,We have an extra bedroom and it seems to get everything thrown in it til later then later never comes,But today I cleaned it all, YEAH!!! It is always so much better when things are straight, Don't you think? I got a couple of blouses I started to make I need to finish them but as long as I can play outside I guess my blouses will wait til winter for a project then, Oh well I got to get back to my cabinets, We will talk later if I haven't fell over from not being in my garden, Ha HA !!

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