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Posted: 27 May 2009
Mission (hopefully) Possible: Weed Destroyer
Posted: 27 May 2009

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Mission (hopefully) Possible: Weed Destroyer

Category: Teashop Garden Stories | Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 5:40 pm

As I walk through the overgrown land at the teashop, I wonder if the pioneers to our state felt a little like I did, when they grabbed their plot of land; "OMG! Dangnaberat Shoot Fuzzy!" (I learned that from our neighbor) ;)

The random weeds and brush are about knee high to waist high in some places. We've cleaned the trash out (turns out people mistakenly thought our yard was a dump...can't say I blame them when I first saw it). We've removed about 80% of the rocks. We originally had four trees, we removed the Maple and Fir but left and trimmed up our walnut (its historic to the town)and elm. Now our roof isn't so moss covered and there's sunlight in the yard. We also tore up part of our driveway to extend the yard, so I'm also dealing with half the yard covered in 2 inches of gravel.
Ugh, Dangnaberat Shoot Fuzzy!

I went to our local nursery, they know me by name now...I turn up there bewildered alot! Gordon the owner was a dear and between the two of us, we came up with a plan.

Mission Possible: Weed Destroyer

Spray the land with a mix of Weed Out and Brush Killer.

It should wipe out the yard in 10 days.

After 10th day, weed whack the yard to the ground.

Remove debris (I don't know if I can compost this since it'll be sprayed with the weed killer-any ideas?)

Scatter Treflan (prevents seeds from germinating)

Put down damp newspaper (donated by our lovely town newspaper)

Layer over with mulch

Layer with compost

Layer with topsoil

Final layer of mulch (this will be after I put our plants in).

Gordon and I figured if this doesn't kill the weeds it'll definitely give them a run for their money!

I'm going away on vacation next week, but I hope to start this in the second week of June.

I have high hopes that these Goliath weeds are going down!

~romina :)

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Serenitea Garden

Category: Teashop Garden Stories | Posted: Wed May 27, 2009 5:20 pm

We're opening a teashop here in Sandy, OR. We're redoing the landscaping to make it open and available for seating. The side garden is actually going to be enclosed with a privacy fence for private functions or even thoses days you want to sit in the garden with a cup of tea. We might be calling it our Serenitea Garden. :)

There are three of us opening this teashop, my good friend Charity, my husband and I. Even though I don't have much experience in reclaiming landscape, being the daughter of a landscaper got me nominated for the job. What a crazy job it is! The previous owners, I've heard, had lovely wildflowers everywhere...well the land has been untouched for awhile, those lovely wildflowers have become overgrown weed giants! You name it, it's probably in here!

I'm hoping that by writing about my experiences as a first time gardener feeling like 'David taking down Goliath' will encourage me to continue tackling this crazy landscape and hopefully I'll have the same outcome as David, with my end result being a serene, lovely opposed to a dead giant ;)

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