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Posted: 16 Jun 2009
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Plenty of Time for Growing

Category: Inspired | Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2009 7:16 pm

From deep under the soil of our parents' love,
Engouraged by rainfall from above,
A seed begins to grow.

Minerals and vitamins rich in the earth,
The moist ground slowly gives birth,
The seedling says hello.

It's not too long before true leaves appear,
The sapling grows a little more each year,
It's branches make a show.

The time to prune her back has come,
It hurts at first but when it's done,
She'll be better for it.

The pain didn't really last too long,
The tiny bird reveals his song,
Safely from the branches.

The beautiful tree offers her shade,
Arms stretched wide, as she was made,
Proud and tall for all to see.

God has shown me time and again that it often requires me to be hurt or uncomfortable in order for His perfect plan to appear. But every time the time is near, I find myself wishing it to be otherwise. If only I could just trust Him to prune me, so I can become a beautiful tree. I must be a peach tree, needing lots of training; crazy to grow and have my way. Or maybe I have tiny aphids that I can't see and He's trying to rid me of them... make me healthy again. And I'm complaining about the hose water being too cold. When will I ever trust Him fully?

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