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Molding A Freehand Concrete Planter / Birdbath

Category: Concrete Statuary | Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:50 pm

Occasionally I get the incline to mould Concrete freehand using a pre-existing form as a base mold. I came across this large wood bowl at a garage sale a few years back and it makes a great form for both a planter pot or birdbath. You can use any type of bowl you may have. Can be formed on the bowl upside down too. If you don't have release agent you can line the bowl with plastic. A plastic bag cut open will do. Mix needs to be on the dry side. Can also be used with hypertufa. These casting go great in the garden. No need to spend big $$ on molds. The second video is a plastic watermelon bowl.

Nothing fancy. Completely functional.

Here is a video

Freehand concrete planter ( photo / image / picture from GunZ McGraw's Garden )

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