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High IQ chickens

Category: Farm Doings | Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:30 pm

I realize that the common perception of chickens is that they are pretty dumb. Chickens don't get invited to join Phi Beta Kappa and the Mensa Society doesn't recruit them. Chickens are the butt of a lot of "dumb as a chicken" jokes.
Our chickens are not dumb. Granted, they get all excited when their treat dish comes and run around in circles; the shadow of a passing cloud sends them squawking into the indoor coop; the little ones haven't discovered that they can fly up to both perches (one they try hopping up on, which doesn't work, and when they get frustrated with that, they fly up to the other perch which is exactly the same height off the ground); and generally they just don't look all that intelligent.
However, consider this--a college graduate arrives to clean their coop, freshen their water (filtered, of course), dish out meals (pasta primavera is a favorite), and stand guard while the chickens stroll around the gardens. Another college graduate has built a large coop for them, installed two perches, made a climbing ladder so they can get to their nest boxes, and spent time in the broiling heat making sawdust from scrap lumber so their nest boxes will be comfy.
So, who's dumb? The ones who are catered to, have body guards, and don't lift a finger (oops, forgot chickens don't have fingers), or the "staff" who clean, feed, provide entertainment, and do handyman work for the "dumb" ones?
I don't think the two-leggers will be invited to join a high IQ group, either.

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eileen wrote on Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:30 pm:

Nope neither do I. LOL
I wonder if they all snicker away to themselves watching 'their' humans sweating in the sun to give them every luxury?


Frank wrote on Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:20 pm:

I for one welcome our new feathered overlords.


Miss Liberty wrote on Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:55 pm:

I'm not sure I want to think about the answer to that question. I may not like it.

I loved your description of their behavior (the chicken's not the college graduate's).

treehugger wrote on Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:47 pm:

Same goes for my rabbits. Water,feed, and fresh hay several times a day. All I ask is that they keep giving me my awesome little poop pellets. Life is good...

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