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Getting rid of a rooster

Category: Farm Doings | Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:40 pm

In May we received our order of 12 chicks. One has turned out to be a rooster, and since I don't want to candle eggs or get chased around the coop by a testerone happy chicken, we decided to give him away to someone who had a flock that needed "refreshing."

I made up a nice poster, complete with photo, to put up at the feed store. "Black Australorp Rooster, 8 weeks old. Free!
His offspring will increase your egg quality and quantity. Call xxx-xxxx to arrange for pick-up."

Some of the calls we received were strange, disturbing, and downright funny. One man asked if the rooster was a male, and if he was black. Well, yes, he is and he is.

Another caller wanted me to deliver the rooster. And yet another wanted me to meet them at the feed store with rooster in tow.

The last caller wanted the rooster, but wasn't sure when she could come, or her cousin could come, so I was to be sure to be home when they could stop by to get the rooster. I told her I had made other arrangements.

We now have a rooster who is pretty mellow, so far. I've named him Cogburn (anyone seen the movie True Grit?) He seems to be avoiding the mature hens, who have a tendency to sit on him when he gets obstreperous. Nothing like having a 12 pound hen sitting on you to calm you down!

I hope he stays friendly. If not, he will go somewhere else--there is a guy down the road that has free-range hens that Cogburn would just love!

Who would have thought in an area of farms it would be so darned difficult to give away a purebred, gently raised rooster with impeccable heritage?

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Frank wrote on Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:54 am:

They probably thought the deal was too good to be true and that the rooster would turn out to be a spy :)


Tooty2shoes wrote on Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:28 pm:

Those where some really strange phone calls. Hummm,is is a male.
I know all about being attacked by a rooster. When we did have chickens and wanted to have some of our hens raise some new chicks. We got a rooster from a friend of a friend. He was ok for a few weeks. But then decided he did not like me at all. So every time I went into the chicken yard I had to arm myself with a rack so I could pin him down. Once I picked him up he was ok. So we gave him back to the friend we had gotten him from.

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