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The Pesky White Flies That Came In With the Habaneros

Category: Garden & Interior Design | Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 5:05 pm

Thie entry serves as an update to my ongoing attempts to bring outdoor plants inside from the cold.

(See previous entries for more info!)

So far, so good.

The Habanero Peppers (all three of them!) are turning orange, and are ready to pick. I had wanted to keep them on the plant and let them dry out naturally, however I noticed a HUGE number of white flies hanging out around the plant.

What were they, and where did the white flies come from?

Possibly the other bell pepper I brought in from outside is the source. (The Habanero was screened in for most of its life, and was bug-free!)

Anyway, the white flies were Whiteflies!!!

Whiteflies are hemipterans, meaning 'true insects' that suck plant juices in order to live. They lay flay-looking ovoid yellowish-clear eggs.

I know this NOW; they've laid eggs on the undersides of the Habanero's leaves!~

I plan to pick the peppers, and then spray the plant, let then spray dry, then spray again with Safer Organic Insecticidal Soap.

That strategy worked well on the Meyer Lemon I also brought in from outdoors recently, which was literally COVERED in aphids - the spray killed them all; I haven't seen one since!

Keep in mind, when bringing plants in from outdoors, or potentially even in from your screen room, depending upon circumstances, you may also be bringing in pests!

The Safer(tm) spray is certified for use in Organic Gardens, and seems to work great.

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