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Outside in, snip snip, wildlife alert.

Category: The back yard | Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:08 pm

Not all backyard, outside plants get to expire with the dropping temperatures of fall evenings. Some plants, usually the ones with flowers, get to follow the houseplants. After all, these annuals provided color enjoyment all summer long and now scream "me too, me too" when seeing the others head for a warmth of the house. This year Impatiens and dianthus made the cut, they will be featured as they flower.

Speaking of cuts. Not all plants make it inside the house with their roots on. Plants within sight of the computer screen are now cringing. With limited counter space or as the plants get too big the scissors come out and....snip snip. The shortened version gets plunked Into a container of water. New Plant:)

I was resting on the couch the other night when a member of the backyard air force buzzed my ear. Whoa! said I. This lady should have crash landed with the rest of her sisters a couple of weeks ago. They do not have de-iceing capability on their wings when it gets cold:-) A new creature check of the shortened plant life in containers of water revealed that one lady left her children unattended.
Down the drain they went.

Other tasks are calling. preview.... submit

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