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Adventures from the lighter side of reality.

Category: The back yard | Posted: Sat Jan 22, 2011 9:09 pm

The days were getting colder and the outside activities had come to a close. Winter meant long nights by the crackling fire with a good book. The pantry was full from a summer of gathering and the side chambers stocked to the ceiling with barrels of acorn and sunflower oil for cooking and heating. In the kitchen the smell of fresh acorn muffins filled the air. The underground home of Mr. C. Monk was cozy warm. This was going to be a fine winter thought Mr. Monk as he removed the muffins from the oven. Suddenly a loud noise echoed down the tunnel! It was coming from the entrance. Lamp in paw Mr. Monk quickly headed toward the entrance. Shadows danced along the wall chased by the light of the acorn lamp. He arrived at the entrance to find a mouse running in circles screaming at the top of his voice "OWL!! OWL!! The owl is after me!!" It was all he could do to calm the little fellow down and get him to sit in a chair. "Now Mr. Mouse, I see no owl" said the chipmunk glancing at the entryway above, "and as sure as I am standing here one is not about to fly down that hole. Owls are too fat!!" The mouse sat nervously staring at the dark entrance. "Y-Y-Your sure?" stammered the mouse. "Positive" replied Mr. Monk. "You do, however Mr. Mouse, have a scratch on your back. I will get my first aid kit." The chipmunk disappeared into a side tunnel and soon returned with the kit. "There, Mr. Mouse." said the chipmunk, "Good as new." "Would you like some herb tea and a fresh acorn muffin?" inquired the chipmunk. The mouse was feeling better, "Yes Mr. Monk, that would be splendid." the mouse said relaxing into the chair. The room was soon filled with the aroma of tea and muffins. They spent the rest of the evening comparing experiences with mutual nemeses, cats, owls and hawks. Mr Mouse stayed in Mr. Monks guest room that night. He turned down the acorn lamp. The shadows drifted into the room. Tomorrow would be another day and a new adventure for the new friends in the underground realm, a couple of steps away from reality.

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