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Gremlins, the untold story.

Category: The back yard | Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:52 pm

It was the summer of 1947. The war was still fresh in people's minds. Prosperity was featured everywhere as the economy shifted gears and a peacetime entrepreneurs grabbed for new opportunities. All of this eluded the mind of a three year old, three and a half if you asked me. My father was starting a new job which meant we had to move to a new city. Still, most of this was beyond my world. The only thing I remember was the final trip to the new house. The two cats, Tanny and Wanny were put into a bag for the trip. They did not like the bag much less the trip. We moved to a big house and only we lived there. The house we moved from had more people. A family upstairs and a family downstairs and there were lots of kids. The new house came with my fathers job, along with a car. He was so close he could walk to work. It was across the street. The house had lots of rooms, everything was big. Even I had a room! As we settled into our new home a blackboard appeared on the kitchen wall. I asked about the 'black thing' on the wall. My father explained by writing something on the board with chalk. I was even more amazed when he erased the words with a cloth. Only when he explained that, aided by a kitchen chair, I could reach the board I could use the it instead of having to ask for scrap paper and a pencil. I could draw pictures and erase them!! I drew our new house, it was a fine drawing. Doors, windows a roof and even a chimney, my artistic skills were obvious, well at least to me. It was bedtime, so grudgingly off I went. The next morning I wanted to show my mother my drawing. I went to the kitchen. Horrors!! There, all over my drawing were these little creatures!! How did they get there. My sister explained, "Gremlins". My father concurred, "Gremlins" I erased the drawing and started over. Try as I may the Gremlins frequently appeared. Not always, but enough to make drawings frustrating at times. And they have never gone away :-)


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Donna S wrote on Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:20 am:

You got my attention again. Great story. When will the next chapter be available?
What is the difference between gremlis and gnomes? Gremlins sound scary to me.

Cayuga Morning wrote on Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:41 am:

Great story Jerry. Does your sister rememember the gremlins?


Mrs. Galeassi wrote on Sat Jun 08, 2013 4:33 pm:

I was browsing around and came across your story Jerry. And I love it! The detail made me see it in my head like I saw you drawing and then you coming in all proud to show your mama and then those lil guys ruined it for ya! The horror! Hehe :)

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