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indehiscent: The inability of fruit or seed husk to open or split along a seam in order to release the contents.

Indeterminate Growth: Growth of a plant that continues until frost or other environmental factor causes all output to cease. Most vines are a good example.

indigenous:Plants native to the local habitat.

Indoor: As related to plants, a sheltered environment be it in a building, house or shelter that protects plants from the elements.
You will find this term in the Plants edit section under the Suitable For category.

Inflorescence: A group or cluster of flowers

Infradian rhythm: A cycle longer than circadian rhythm

Infructescence: a cluster of fruit on a plant.

Insect Host: A plant that provides a suitable location for eggs or larvae.
You will find this term in the Plants edit section under the Wildlife Value category.

Insectivorous: deriving nutrients from insects. Example: Pitcher Plants and Venus Flytraps

Intermediate-day Plant: Plants characterized by two critical photo periods. This means the plant will not flower during too short or too long days. Examples of a long photo exposure plant lettuce and spinach. Short day plants would be chrysanthemums and strawberries.

Invasive: A plant species, aquatic or terrestrial, that thrives and spreads in a non-native environment.
You will find this term in the Plants edit section under the Plant Type category.

iteroparous: is defined as having multiple reproductive cycles over the plant's lifetime. Example An oak tree would an iteroparous species.

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