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Planting the seeds of curiosity

Category: The back yard | Posted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 11:40 pm

I am forever putting seeds into a pot or the ground in hopes I might grow something interesting. Often I put the seed(s) in the nearest pot. The kitchen window plants are the usual benefactors of my curiosity. The seeds are promptly forgotten about until they emerge. This may take weeks to months. Sometimes when I am repotting plants I come across a failed attempt. Occasionally there is success! Which usually prompts the question, what is it? I once grew a "forest" of orange trees. Instead of throwing out the seeds, I put them in a pot. Now I know citrus trees have thorns. Living in Zone 6a the orange trees did not go outside.

Decisions, decisions decisions, do I put the next product of my curiosity under the tree forum or the seed forum? Logic says tree forum since more people seem to go there than the seed forum. Soooo we will call this a tree seedling question but you have to go to the trees, shrubs and roses forum to find out what the question is.:-) Hint: look for a Date Palm.

Edit: Link here

P.S. it even has pictures.

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