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My first HERBED Turkey

Category: Market Gardening/Farming | Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:00 pm

Since I garden during the warmer months of the north here, I have enjoyed the bounty of herbs. Fresh of course. I love fresh herbs and I also enjoy drying the herbs from the garden as well. I have to say that my all time favorite herb is parsley. It's common yes I know but it's so versatile. From meat to soup to chopped on pasta. And fresh Parsley ... cant beat the flavour.

Here is what I did with the a turkey this year. I loved it. I stuffed it with herbs. First I defrosted the turkey, then set it out for about a half an hour to ripen to room temp. I gently separated the skin from the meat on the brest section of the bird. Then I made 1" slits in the legs. I went deep into the meat with a very sharp thin knife so I could stuff fresh herbs into the "hole"

Now that the bird is ready for the herb concotion here is what I did

In a food processor, I pulsed parsley(1/4 c), a bit of fresh sage, even smaller amount of rosemary(1-2tsp), and about 2 TB of fresh lemon balm. I added the herbs to the food processor with a little olive oil( not much at all 1TB at the most) when it was blended well. I pulled the blade out and took about 1Tb of herbed oil-rubbed it between the skin and the meat of the bird(on top), put about 1 tsp in each slitted hole on the legs, and then rubed the rest inside the bird and cooked it. It was excellent.

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