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Asparagus Peas

Category: Garden Highlights | Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2011 7:05 pm

These are Asparagus Peas, or Winged Peas, which have the wonderful Latin name of Lotus tetragonolobus.

Asparagus Peas ( photo / image / picture from OrangeKing's Garden )

I've grown them once before, but not as successfully. This row is along the edge of the terrace. When the plants were smaller, they folded up their leaves neatly at night, but they seem not to do that any more. They have sprawled over about eighteen inches or so of terrace now, and are flowering very prolifically. The flowers are typical pea-flowers, but of an attractive two-toned dark red.

Asparagus Pea Flowers ( photo / image / picture from OrangeKing's Garden )

There are only ten plants, and they get picked every week. This week they have supplied enough for four servings. The pods have wings on four edges; those shown here have been picked over to remove old flower petals, calyces, etc and then rinsed.

Asparagus Pea Pods ( photo / image / picture from OrangeKing's Garden )

Steamed and tossed in a little butter they are very nice, and make a change from the usual vegetables.

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Frank wrote on Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:26 pm:

They look mighty tasty. Very interesting OrangeKing.

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